One Heart Texas Mentoring Initiative

The One Heart Project is a national collaborative initiative that provides mentors, education and training programs, and ancillary elements to incarcerated and probated youth, to equip them with the necessary tools and life skills.

The One Heart Project

Providing incarcerated and at-risk youth a second chance.

A FORGOTTEN POPULATION More than 2 million teens are arrested every year in the U.S. Some 200,000 of them are incarcerated during a given year.

  • 85% come from fatherless homes.
  • 60% come from poverty.
  • 53% have incarcerated family members
  • 45% have reported being victims of abuse.
  • 40% are under 16.
  • 70% will be arrested again, most within 6 months of release.

One Heart Project pilot programs have produced significant attitudinal and behavioral change, and dramatically reduced recidivism rates.

One Heart Project
The One Heart Project is in a position to transform the lives of millions of youth across the nation.

Tied to the One Heart Movie

Audiences will be activated to action!

Based on true events, ONE HEART tells the inspirational story of how a seemingly meaningless Texas high school football game changed lives on both sides of the ball. The game – described by ESPN’s Rick Reilly as “The oddest game in high school football history” – matched private school power Grapevine Faith and the Gainesville State School, a maximum-security juvenile facility, whose players constantly battle hopelessness and despair. On the remarkable game night, spurred by Faith Coach Kris Hogan’s mass email, thousands from the community show up to cheer for Gainesville, and the game that once meant nothing becomes the game that means everything. Reminiscent of The Blind Side and Remember the Titans, ONE HEART presents human drama that moves and inspires, and demonstrates how a simple act of unconditional compassion produces a powerful and lasting impact.


At the conclusion of the film, audiences will be driven to engage in the One Heart Project, through a) text messaging, b) a free smartphone app, and/or, c) the One Heart web portal. They will then be geolocated, and directed to a service provider partner in their local community so they can participate in the initiative.

Background video that shows the inspiration for ONE HEART, a feature film which is targeted for national release in fall of 2018.
One Heart Project

Images from the upcoming ONE HEART movie.

The Program

One Heart Texas Mentoring Initiative

The One Heart Project is a national restorative justice initiative in which hundreds of organizations are collaborating to positively and permanently impact the lives of disadvantaged youth, ages 12- 19, who are caught in the juvenile justice system across America.

One Heart is partnering with nonprofits, community groups, sports teams, state and county juvenile justice authorities, corporate partners and faith-based organizations to carry out the mission to rescue and restore troubled teens with little hope.

The success of the One Heart Project is based on a proven and scalable model that focuses on mentoring and educating these youth, while incarcerated, and then providing a number of aftercare programs and services upon release, while sustaining the mentoring relationship. Pilot programs in four states over the past 5 years have demonstrated significant attitudinal and behavioral change, reduced negative incidents, increased early release on good behavior, and a profound decrease in rates of recidivism. The One Heart re-entry programs will provide a menu of services upon release designed to assist the youth in transition back into the free world. Services include housing, job training, life skills, financial literacy, counseling, legal assistance, medical/dental care, organizational skills, employment opportunities, and many other training opportunities.

The One Heart Texas Mentoring Initiative (TMI) is a 3-year project in collaboration with the Governor’s office that will reach 250 offenders each year in 6 Texas counties: Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, McLennan, Randall and Deaf Smith. The size of the counties includes large, medium and small to prove the TMI can work, regardless of the size of the area. The TMI will impact not only juvenile offenders throughout the state of Texas, but will also serve as the model that will be scaled nationally with the release of the One Heart movie.

TMI Participants, ages 13 – 19, will come from secure youth facilities within the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) in the 6 participating counties.  The project will combine individual mentor matches with proven social & emotional intelligence and life skills curricula, along with post release reentry services and resources. Partners in the TMI include Juvenile Justice Ministry, Baylor University and numerous mentoring organizations and service providers, with organizational oversight from the One Heart Project.

Nationally recognized researchers at Baylor University will conduct rigorous research to measure the results of the TMI and will publish a comprehensive report that will focus on the outcomes.  Thus, the proven and documented outcomes of the TMI holds the potential to help policymakers in Texas and across the nation to rethink current approaches to gang activity, youth violence, and the manner in which we can assist at-risk-youth to lead productive lives.


Our Partners

Below is a partial listing of organizations collaborating with One Heart and the Texas Mentoring Initiative
Baylor University
Sagamore Institute
Donor Houston
The juvenile justice system has long been looking for what the One Heart project provides. The youth in our correctional facilities now have a real chance for a successful re-entry into their communities.
Scott W. Fisher
Chairman, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

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